Jeep Compass Exterior Features

Have you checked out the new Jeep Compass yet? It’s one of the best new vehicles from the historic Jeep brand. The Jeep Compass is one of the new lineups that has been around just recently but now has had its first redesign, and the all new look is quite austere and yet rugged. After all, this vehicle is made to take on any road, so you know that it has a lot of power in both function and design.

The design is also incredibly modern and safety-driven. The new light design is built upon LED head lamps and…
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The Dodge Charger Has Available Paddle Shfiters

With its gigantic touchscreen and a large amount of leg room, the Dodge Charger is one of the most popular performance sedans available for purchase. It also comes with some very useful features that could pique your interest.

If you are one of those people who get anxious whenever you have to take your hands off the wheel to get to the rest of your car's features, then you will be pleased to discover that the available steering wheel mounted metal paddles will give you the opportunity to switch gears without you ever having to take your hands off…

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The Dodge Challenger Provides Strength and Style with Shakers

Aside from powerful engines and high-performance abilities, muscle cars are all about their sleek styles. The popular Dodge Challenger is no exception to this rule. The wide array of customizable features are bound to interest you and will likely influence whether or not this car is ultimately for you.

The Dodge Challenger T/A not only promotes the line's heritage with a cold-air intake and Satin Black hood, but it also emphasizes power. The SRT, R/T Shaker, and 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker illuminate an exposed hood with the engine mounted high flow cold air induction.


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Dodge Grand Caravan Exterior

Shopping for a new vehicle can be a daunting task that most people dread. When your current vehicle bites the dust and you are in need of something new, you can head down to Courtesy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to take a look at some of the new vehicles that we currently have on our lot. The Dodge Grand Caravan has been around for a number of years now with great success. Not only is it extremely practical on the inside, but it is efficient as well. The exterior of the vehicle has come a long way with some minor…
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The Jeep Wrangler has Interior Features to Keep You Satisfied

It can be nice to drive around in a vehicle that not only pleases you with its look but that also pleases you with the interior features that it offers. The popular compact SUV that is the Jeep Wrangler is set up with interior features that will keep you satisfied.

You should be comfortable as the driver of the Jeep Wrangler, and it has the features that you need to stay comfortable, including the option for heated front seats. The driver's seat of the Jeep Wrangler offers the lumbar support that you need to stay comfortable when driving about…
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Take the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a Test Drive

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in Trackhawk and SRT versions that both provide an elite driving experience that combines luxury with track racing performance. The Trackhawk is a new addition that features a explosively powerful HEMI engine.

The Trackhawk version of the Grand Cherokee takes high-performance SUV design to the next level with a 700-horsepower 6.4L HEMI engine that achieves 0-60 mph in less than four seconds and hits a top speed of 180 mph. Jeep added high-performance Brembo brakes to provide plenty of stopping power, which feature vented rotors and calipers with six

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The Ram 2500 has an Interior that Suits You

The inside of the truck that you drive should mean something to you. You should feel comfortable in your truck and you should feel that the interior shows a bit of your personality. The Ram 2500 is a popular heavy duty pickup truck with an interior that suits you.

You are more concerned about the durability of the seats in your truck than you are about their appearance. The seats of the Ram 2500 are made of durable materials and they also look nice. The Ram 2500 features a full color display that is set up well and that helps…
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Meet the Rugged 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs on the market today. Designed with care, the Grand Cherokee performs well on any terrain. It's a great choice for anyone who loves off-roading.

There are four engines to choose from, in V6 and V8 configurations. They deliver anywhere from 295 HP to 707 HP of power. There's an available off-road suspension system, designed to lift you almost 11 inches off the ground when needed. Settings include park, normal, off-road I and off-road II. Vehicle diagnostics like wheel articulation and transmission temperature are helpful when...


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Dodge Journey Has All-Around Safety Features

Dodge has you covered when it comes to safety in the Journey, the popular mid-size SUV that Altoona drivers love. This vehicle is packed with all-around technology, starting with seven advanced airbags that will keep all occupants safe in the event of a crash. Active front seat head restraints also help prevent injury if you are hit from the rear.

The Journey has a dual-steel frame in several key areas that help absorb impact. Front and rear crumple zone also absorb energy during an accident, providing you with all-around safety. Its advanced braking system includes...

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Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features To Keep You Safe

Do you know what you want in a vehicle? Is it technology, performance or safety features? With the Chrysler Pacifica, you’re getting it all. This popular family minivan is a great choice for an individual or family that needs lots of room. Stop at Courtesy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and speak with one of sales reps and get the goods on the Pacifica.

As winner of a safety award, the Pacifica offers full collision warning, which alerts you if a collision could happen and also applies the emergency brake for you if it’s deemed necessary.

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