Whether you drive a Dodge, Ram, Jeep, or Chrysler, visiting Courtesy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for springtime maintenance is a good idea. This is your opportunity to undo many of the damages that extreme winter weather has caused. It's also a chance for State College drivers to prepare their vehicles for the demands of the warm season.

Have Your Tires Checked and Changed

If you switched over to winter tires, you'll definitely want to get these changed out. now Contrary to what many people think, the deeper, specialized tread of winter tires doesn't make them ideally suited to every season. These tires are meant for biting into ice and pushing through snow. When the weather is warmer and slick coatings no longer exist, they'll provide insufficient handling and control.

Even if you're driving on all-season tires, you should still have a springtime tire check-up performed. With your tires properly rotated and balanced, you can avoid problems with sliding and hydroplaning once the spring rains arrive.

Get Your Springtime Accessories Installed

Your windshield wiper blades may have had their work cut out for them during the cold season. After pushing heavy loads of snow and slush, they're probably ready for replacement. Having new wiper blades put on will help you keep your windshield clean and absolutely streak-free. For State College drivers seeking an upgrade, we can even install heated wiper blades that prevent fogging, and promote rapid windshield drying.

Oil Change Services

The start of spring is also a good time for an oil change. Much like tires, engine oil often needs to be swapped out for a more winter-appropriate variety once the temperatures start to drop. To ensure optimum engine performance, you may need to have oil with a thicker viscosity put in once spring and its significantly warmer temperatures arrive.

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