Taking care of your Chrysler-brand vehicle is easy with a Mopar® Vehicle Protection plan from Courtesy Motors. The plan offers many options for coverage that extends beyond your Mopar® factory warranty coverage for added peace of mind for the duration of your vehicle ownership. You'll find coverage for road hazards, maintenance items, and repairs, with over 5,000 components that can be covered by our plans.

If you select one of our Maximum Care or Added Care Plus plans, you'll receive benefits like car rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage, for covered events, with a reasonable deductible.

Courtesy Motors can cover nearly all new and many used Chrysler-brand vehicles, and many non-Chrysler models are also eligible. We'll gladly provide you with eligibility information, pricing, and coverage details for any of our Mopar® Vehicle Protection plan options simply by contacting the service department at Courtesy Motors today.


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