The Jeep Gladiator Pushes Boundaries

The Jeep Gladiator is a new addition to the market. It answers the call for a vehicle that looks and feels like a classic Jeep vehicle and also comes with more cargo room. At Courtesy Motor Sales Inc., many people have been coming to us specifically to check out the Gladiator truck.

If you want to use your Jeep Gladiator to tow all the equipment you'll need on your next adventure, you're in luck. The Gladiator has an available towing capacity of 7,650 pounds, which is best in its class. Additionally, the truck can be configured to have a best-in-class payload capacity of 1,700 pounds. A three-position tailgate helps with flexibility in terms of loading cargo in the bed.

For those who can't wait to move off the pavement, there's the Gladiator Rubicon. This model has Tru-Lok locking differentials and FOX shocks. A TrailCam Off-Road Camera is available to help drivers see any upcoming obstacles.


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