Why You Should Test Your Car Battery

Your car battery is a compartmentalized component that produces and maintains a voltage level capable of initiating the spark process in your ignition system. Battery charges do not last forever. In a car’s system, the battery is recharged while the car is running through the alternator or generator. However, when a car sits idle, the voltage inside the battery leaks. New batteries can generate more voltage through the action of positive and negative poles through sulfuric acid. Old batteries lose the capability to recharge itself.

Any battery more than three-years-old should be tested to see if it is creating a charge on its own. If the battery is no longer producing a voltage at the desired rate, it should be changed out for a new battery in proper working condition.

At Courtesy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Altoona, we test your battery during every service and advise you of its condition.

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